AMV contest 2024

The 19th year of Animefest will hold its AMV contest again. We are looking forward to receiving all of your AMVs. Get ready to edit!

First, please upload the AMV files and then fill the entry form here.

  • AMV contest is open for all citizens or people with permanent residence in any of the following countries – Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, and Austria.
  • The contest is open for individuals.
  • The contestant must be an author or part-taker of enlisted AMV.
  • AMVs which are work of a team can be enlisted by any member of given team but only once.
  • AMVs compete in following categories: Action/Upbeat, Drama/Romance or Comedy/Parody.
  • Every contestant can enlist at most two AMVs, each to a different category.
  • AMV can be disqualified if it does not meet technical rules or if it is found to be in conflict with laws of Czech Republic or with good manners.
  • AMV cannot have participated in any Czech AMV contest previous to Animefest 2024.
  • AMV must be created or released on author's official channel no earlier than 1st January 2023.
  • Creator can be questioned about proving the authorship of his participated AMV. Doubts of authorship can cause a rejection of AMV from the contest.
  • Participation in the contests in not enforceable.
  • The contestant agrees with publication of the AMV on webpage and YouTube channel of Animefest.
  • In case of disagreement between this version and Czech version, the Czech version of the rules takes precedence.

  • Enlisted AMV must be at least 1 minute long (without credits) but not longer than 4 minutes (without credits). Maximum length of credits is 1 minute.
  • Enlisted AMV can consist of several independent parts but total length must not exceed 4 minutes (excluding credits).
  • Enlisted AMV must not have subtitles or have deformed picture or include logos of TV station or credits from openings/endings/trailers, watermarks or logos of used software, if it's not author’s intention.
  • Enlisted AMV must not contain black stripes at picture edges (letterbox or pillarbox).
  • Enlisted AMV must consist of at least 70% of scenes from anime or manga or japanese-themed videogames. All used video sources must have a record on AnimeNewsNetwork, AniDB, IMDB or MyAnimeList databases (in case of anime source).
  • Enlisted AMV must not use other AMV as a source.
  • Size of the submitted file should not exceed the maximum limit determined by video length, resolution and FPS.
  • Maximum limits are :
    • Resolution 480p (640x480, 848x480) – 15 MB per minute.
    • Resolution 720p (1280x720) – 40 MB per minute.
    • Resolution 1080p (1920x1080) – 70 MB per minute.
    • If you are using 60 FPS the limit is multiplied by two.
    • Video length is rounded up to full minute for the purpose of above calculation
  • Video resolution should be at least 640x360 pixels but not more than 1920x1080 pixels.
  • Video frame-rate should be at least 23,976 FPS.
  • Video track should use one of the following codecs: Xvid, DivX, H.264, H.265, Windows Media Video v9.
  • Audio track should use one of the following codecs: MP3, OGG Vorbis, AAC, AC3.
  • The clip should use one of the following containers: AVI, MKV, MP4. Also accepted are MPEG, WMV and MOV containers but those may cause playback issues and lead to disqualification.
  • AMV must contain credits with the following: authors name or nickname, used song (name and author), video sources (list of all used animes and mangas). In case of teamwork, the credits must mention the name or nickname of the contestant.

  • You can enter the contest between 1.12.2023 0:00 till 28.4.2024 23:59.
  • The AMV files should be submitted through web form (contact for alternative ways of submitting).
  • Contestants should provide two versions of their AMV – one with complete credits and one anonymous (without author's and/or team name). Anonymous version will be screened during the contest.
  • To enter the contest, contestant must fill entry form after uploading the videos. The form should include contestant’s nickname, full name, names of submitted files, music, series and/or movie names and software used.
  • In case of doubt, the time of contestant submission takes precedence over AMV submission. However, excessive delay before AMV submission can cause disqualification.

  • Contest consists of three rounds.
  • The first round starts after submission deadline, all enlisted AMVs compete in this round.
  • In the first round votes are taken from jury. Each jury member votes either positive or negative for each enlisted AMV. All videos with majority of positive votes from the jury advance to the second round. In case the number of advancing AMVs by the above criteria would be less than 20, the top 20 AMVs with best ratio of positive to negative votes from the jury advance instead. In case the total number of enlisted AMV would be less than 20, all advance to the second round.
  • The minimal success rate of submission must be more than 25% in the first round, otherwise the submission ends in the first round.
  • All AMVs advancing to the second round and start date of the second round will be announced on website.
  • In the second round votes are taken from readers of webpage and from jury. Voting for this round ends 7 days before start of Animefest 2023.
  • The third and final round takes place at Animefest 2024.
  • In the third round, 15 videos compete selected by the vote from the second round as follows: 3 AMVs with the most votes from the readers at webpage and 12 AMVs with best scores from jury. Should any video qualify by both readers votes and jury score, the readers vote takes precedence.
  • In the third round, the visitors of Animefest 2024 vote using the Animefest app. Voting for this round ends 1 hours before final ceremony.

  • The results of the contest will be announced at Animefest 2024 according to the event programming.
  • Following prizes will be awarded:
    • Best AMV of Animefest 2024
    • Best AMV in "Action/UpBeat" category
    • Best AMV in "Drama/Romance" category
    • Best AMV in "Comedy/Parody" category
    • Animefest Webportal award for Czech authors only) – awarded by votes from readers on website
    • Jury Award
    • Jury Award for personal improvement (for Czech authors only) – awarded to author who has shown radical improvement from last year or in his debut year created an extraordinary AMV above levels of common AMV production.
  • In case the total number of entries in a particular category in final round is less than 2 the price for that category would not be awarded.
  • A contestant must collect the prize in person, assign a delegate to collect it, or send a note in advance that he/she won’t attend the event and provide mail address to send the prize to. Should a contestant fail to collect the prize or send a note in advance, the prize forfeits.

Archiv of contest AMVs:








  • Vítěz diváků: DrPenguin - Laziness
  • Cena poroty: McLobo - Party Time
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii komedie/parodie: DrPenguin - Laziness
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii romance/drama: Aki Kiramasu - Touch
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii akce/dynamika: Scara - Let It Burn


  • Vítěz diváků: MuchicCZ - Another World
  • Cena poroty: Čingiz - The Call of the Pack
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii komedie/parodie: Shikula - Holky pitomy
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii romance/drama: Čingiz - The Call of the Pack; Ponorka15 - In My Life
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii akce/dynamika: MuchicCZ - Another World


  • Vítěz diváků: Alfred - Kulturista
  • Cena poroty: Veravero & Zakuro - Everydays
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii komedie/parodie: Alfred - Kulturista
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii romance/drama: Skywalker - Lost In Time
  • Nejlepší video v kategorii akce/dynamika: Shaffika - Paradise

Cena portáluáš "Shadees" Holubčík - Pandora  

Cena poroty: Matěj "DrPenguin" Šnajdr - Worlds Undone [YouTube]

Vítěz kategorie AKCE/DYNAMIKA:Radek "Shikate" Berky - Watch The World Burn [YouTube]

Vítěz kategorie DRAMA/ROMANCE: Tomáš "Shadees" Holubčík - Pandora  

Vítěz kategorie KOMEDIE/PARODIE:Matěj "DrPenguin" Šnajdr - Witchful Thinking [YouTube]

Nejúspěšnější AMV Animefestu 2024, cena diváků: Radek "Shikate" Berky - Watch The World Burn [YouTube]

Teams 32/ Unlimited
Date of registration opening Dec. 1, 2023, midnight
Date of closing registration April 28, 2024, 11:55 p.m.
Date of closing contest May 27, 2024, midnight

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